Tips for the best winged liner!

So lately I’ve been on a mission to get my winged liner skills the best I possibly can. I’ve been playing around with different products and watching loads of YouTube videos for some tips. I thought I would do a post to share the best ones I have found with you.

Gel, liquid or pen?

Mostly, it’s your own preference. However if you want a clean sharp edge you should avoid gel liners unless you want to invest in an expensive one. I like pens to fill a gap when I’ve got falsies on but for a sharp wing I’ve found liquid definitely comes up trumps for me.

The Brush

For the most accurate liner it’s best to Use a thin short brush or an angled brush NOT the product brush  that comes with liquid liner. For a liner brush I love the real techniques one but my favourite is the A17 Spectrum Angled liner brush.

Hand Position

You need to have a steady hand and unless you are perfect at keeping still my tip is to have your elbow resting on flat surface and/or the bottom of your hand resting on your cheek. How still your hand is will determine the precision of your line.

Lash Line or Wing first?

Again, it’s a preference. I prefer to outline my wing and bring it in towards the lash line. Depending on which style suits your eye is where you should start. Something you really need to play around with and see what works. I like to join the wing with the lash line a considerable bit lower than the end of the wing so the end is a really thin and sharp point.

How much is too much?

You should make sure your brush has a lot of product so it doesn’t pull your eye, which it will if it’s dry. This will leave wrinkle-like lines on your liner which is a no go. Doing it a little at a time with a decent amount on your brush will make sure you can be accurate without too much product drowning your brush so it’s not hard to work with.

Find the shape for your eye!

Everyone’s eye shape is different. If you have hooded eyes then the thickness and wing of your eyeliner will be a different style than somebody who has wide eyes and large eyelids. Again, PLAY AROUND see what works for you.

Thin, short strokes STAY IN CONTROL

Even if you’re aiming for a “big thick kill em bitch” line you need to start small and build it up. Nobody needs 2008 panda eyes to make a comeback, thank you very much.
So that’s my tips and tricks to get your winged liner perfected. If you have anymore drop me a comment I’d love to know!


LeaLou xo

Monthly Favourites

February Favourites

February for me was a good month, as part of getting over a bad bout of anxiety I am making a big effort to be more positive and to stop talking about negative things if I don’t need to. I’ve got some great stuff to look forward to this year and I’m very happy on a whole. How have you been feeling this month? Continue reading “February Favourites”

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MakeUp Revolution Review 3 – Loose Products

I’m assuming that most of you reading this will have read Part 1 and Part 2 of my MUR reviews which is Lips and Palettes. Now I have products that don’t fit into these categories. I honestly didn’t think I’d ordered that much and when it came I thought holy s**t how am I going to fit all of these into one post, evidently, I couldn’t. So here’s the last one, I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

Continue reading “MakeUp Revolution Review 3 – Loose Products”


Boots Haul!

Okay so, payday weekend for me means buying all the make-up I want to try out. So I went to Boots and also placed a massive order on Superdrug, but because 90% of
that was the Make Up Revolution range I am going to do a review on that later. I thought I would do a little haul for you, telling you what I brought, how much it
cost and what I think of it. Links to the product, if you want them, are the titles in bold so have a little peak yourself! Continue reading “Boots Haul!”

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Beauty Hacks!

We’ve all been in a situation where we are a bit stuck for money, and the most common time for it is January. While we might have wonderful new palettes and lipsticks that we have been kindly gifted at Christmas, beauty and make-up essentials are running low and payday feels like foreverrrrr away! So here are my little hacks for when I’m in a pinch.

Setting Spray

Now, setting spray’s can be quite expensive. I wanted to try it but was sceptical, so I had a look online to see if there was a way to make your own and……. there is! And it works just the same. Have a look at the video here… it is so easy. Basically just a bottle of water and some Glycerine in a spray bottle. As you can see from the photo, I made mine a little prettier with a sticky backed sheet of patterned paper. I kee Continue reading “Beauty Hacks!”

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5 Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes!

If you’re anything like me and have a slightly worrying obsession with eyeshadows then get yourself a nice hot drink, get comfy and have a read of this!

Eyeshadow is my ultimate favourite part of makeup. Sometimes I wish I could take it off and do it again because I enjoy it so much (I’m aware how sad that sounds).
I have so many eyeshadows and palettes to the point I wonder if I’ll ever use all the colours, but it doesn’t stop me getting more.. woops.
I thought I’d share my top 5 favourites, from high end to cheap af ones.

1. Anastasia Beverley Hills – Modern Renaissance.abh-pic
I am obsesssssed with this palette. The colours are so so so beautiful and the mirror on it is a brilliant size.
I love the orange and red tones and it has a couple of pinky colours aswell. The brush isn’t as soft as I would expect for the price but it does blend the colours
really well.

2. Mac – 9 Colour Burgundy Palettemac-pic
The. Shimmer. Shades. Oh. My. God. I looove MAC’s sparkly eyeshadows and Day Gleam was my favourite until I found Star Violet and Honey Lust in this palette.
The matte shadows compliment them so well and I couldn’t imagine a better mix of colours for this palette.

3. Urban Decay – Naked 1nkd pic.jpg

This was the first high-end palette I ever brought. The first time I let that amount of money leave my pocket for makeup and I remember the pain.
Until I used it. I’ve had this palette for a year now and I’m still so in love with it. If you haven’t got a naked palette, my gosh, you need one!

4. Morphe 35T

I’d seen this palette online a few times and couldn’t wait to get it. Can you imagine my pure HEARTBREAK. When it came and about 6 of the colours was smashed.
Honestly. Ouch. I had a mare with trying to send it back and in the end I decided the sacrifice the colours I had lost, cleaned it up and used it.
So there are colours in this palette that unfortunately I haven’t used, however, the ones I have got are absolutely beautifulll. Such lovely, pigmented shades. There are so many options to match with this many colours and I have done some lovely looks with this through the Autumn/Christmas period.

5. MUA palettesmua pic.jpg Continue reading “5 Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes!”