5 Favourite Lipsticks

My 5 Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes got a lot of love! So I thought I would do the same for lipsticks. These are some of my absolute favourites..

NYX Liquid Suede – Sandstorm and  Tea & Cookies

I can’t pick between these two they’re both such beautiful colours! Sandstorm is a brown shade which is perfect when you want a slight step up from a nude. Tea & Cookies Is the best shade of pink I’ve ever had. It’s not too bright but it’s a full pink. I love this through the summer.

MAC – Russian Red Matte

My ultimate favourite lipstick ever I spoke about this in my Obssesed Vs Detest LINK I’ve brought so many and I really don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it!

Collection Velvet Lip – Mango

These are complete dupes for the NYX lip creams. They’re semi matte and really pigmented. They don’t have a brilliant staying power but the price of them means you don’t mind topping up a few times!

Rimmel Kate Matte – 107

This is such a creamy lipstick (I wouldnt really say it’s matte) and it’s a deep berry tone which is just right for winter. I live for pairing this with a gold eye it’s a favourite go to look of mine.

BD Trade Secrets – Graceful

This was actually given to me by a friend and it leaves such a clean finish. There’s no need for liner and the staying power is immense. I really wanted to pick up more of these but the brand has been discontinued. I will make this last as long as I can.

I’d love if you want to comment your favourite lipstick! 


LeaLou xo