Favourite Makeup Brushes

The beautiful tools that help us create brilliant looks. I have a decent collection of brushes and I thought I would share some of my absolute favourites with you.


Spectrum Siren Brush Set

I tweeted on my old twitter about these last year and I so so so wanted them. Because I have such an amazing boyfriend he seen my tweet and surprised me with them. A diamond I know! They’re such beautiful brushes!!! They blend and pick up product perfectly and I find myself never wanting to use any other brushes! My favourite is the B06 because it is the perfect shape for blending out.


Makeup Revolution Iconic Nudes Brush Collection

This is the first product I ever tried from MUR. I picked them up at the end of last year and I’ve used them constantly since. I didn’t include all of them in the photo as, this is the only disappointing thing about them, they stain quite easily which really stands out on the white fibres. I use some quite bright colours sometimes and they have just refused to budge no matter how much I clean them, aside from this they’re brilliant quality and crazy affordable. They was originally limited addition but thank god they’ve made them a permanent line!


Sigma Beauty F40 Large Angled Contour Brush

I got this along with my ABH contour palette and I have loved it. It washes so easily and picks up the product so well. I love to apply and blend out my contour with this, I don’t think I could find another contour brush that I like as much!

Real Techniques Brushes

Eye Brushes – I got the set of these but the two in the picture are my absolute favourites. To blend out the crease colour and apply the lid colour. The crease brush doesn’t have too much movement but isn’t stiff which makes it perfect. The lid brush is wide and just thick enough, it is angled so it reaches your corners without going where it shouldn’t. They’re also on sale on the link!!

Blush Brush – I struggled for a long time to get along with blushers, mostly never wearing any and now I love them, this brush has played a bit part in it because it gives you the pigment without being overpowering and requires basically no blending because of how big it is with spaced out fibres.

I’d argue that RT are the best quality high street brushes there is.

B. Fan Brush

For some reason this isn’t on superdrug website anymore, although it has every other brush in the collection, so I can’t link it. This is my favourite fan brush because it is a decent size and thickness, not too big but not small either. Although lately I have been using a more precise brush for highlight this is still one of my favourites.

So these are all of my absolute favourite brushes, let me know some of yours in the comments!


LeaLou xo

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