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MakeUp Revolution Review 3 – Loose Products

I’m assuming that most of you reading this will have read Part 1 and Part 2 of my MUR reviews which is Lips and Palettes. Now I have products that don’t fit into these categories. I honestly didn’t think I’d ordered that much and when it came I thought holy s**t how am I going to fit all of these into one post, evidently, I couldn’t. So here’s the last one, I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

Stippling Brush – £3.49
I got the limited edition set last year (it was the only thing I’d got from MUR before this) and I love them I use them constantly. The stipple brush I’ve found quite harsh and I had to blend out my product with a sponge afterwards so it’s not something I’d necessarily recommend but it was okay. For the price of the brushes you couldn’t expect better quality and they’re good to pick up if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Mono Eyeshadow – Cappuccino – £1.00
It is really small if you can’t tell by the picture but I think they’re lovely sizes for a single shadow. I can imagine they stack really nicely! The colour of this is sooo lovely, it reminds me of a slightly ashy Day Gleam from MAC. It’s got divine sparkly flecks in it. I think it is just pigmented enough to do a nice day eye.

Peach Lights Highlighter – £3.00
Okay so you may be sick of my raving about their highlights but honestly I’ve never found a high street highlight that is THIS good. It’s a lovely pink toned highlight that really compliments a blush. I’ll be repurchasing when I hit pan 100%


Focus & Fix Concealer – £2.00
Honestly this is the only product that’s completely disappointed me. I’ve tried it with three different foundations, also on bare skin, and I’ve found it goes patchy straight away and strips any product underneath. It dries streaky and doesn’t blend well whatsoever. Other people have good things to say about this so maybe I picked up a dodgy one but I won’t be continuing to use this.

Amazing Volume Black Mascara – £2.00
This is a lovely cheap mascara if you like natural lashes. It fans them out lovely and doesn’t clog up but I don’t feel it thickens or lengthens very well so if that’s what you look for in a mascara this isn’t for you. It doesn’t reaaally live up to the name for volume. It’s lovely for a natural look though and for the price of it, it’s not a bad shout to have this in your collection for those light makeup days.


Soooo that’s it! My huge Make Up Revolution Review! I’d love to know what your favourite was and if you plan to pick up any of these! It’s a brilliant brand especially for those on a budget. Look out for my Spring Time Look post that will be including a lot of these products!


LeaLou xo

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