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Makeup Revolution Review 1 – Lips

If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen the huge order I placed with Makeup Revolution which was farrr too big to fit a review into just 1 blog post, so I’ve separated it into three. Here is everything I got that is lips! Links are in the titles if you want to check them out yourself. There is a good variation in the colours because I needed a break from my ridiculous amount of red lips so there’s something for everyone!

img_64231. My Sign Lip Gloss – £3.00

I honestly wasn’t looking for a shade that was my star sign, it just so happened that the colour I liked was my star sign, Leo. Now I love the dark colour and the staying power but I’m not a fan of the consistency as it isn’t matte (I find it hard to get on with non-matte lips) and it stays quite sticky. It comes off the lips really easily when trying to remove it but I swatched it on my arm and no matter how hard I scrubbed it, it left a stain on my arm that resembled a birth mark and it wouldn’t budge for days. If you’re looking for a super pigmented lip gloss then this is perfect for you.

2. Amazing Lipgloss – Hot & Coral £1.00!

I got two of these in the shades Hot & Coral which are red and peach toned. I don’t usually use lip glosses but I wanted to have some for when I have a darker eye and want something very subtle on the lips. These two shades are lovely for that and I’ll be getting some wear out of them through spring and summer. The formula isn’t sticky and they smell so nice. There isn’t a lot of product when you pull the applicator out but it’s build able. I can’t believe they are only £1!! They have a nice little range of colours that are perfect for a light lip.

3. Amazing Lipstick – Atomic Magnificent & Bliss – £1.00!!

I got these in two shades, a lilac (Atomic Magnificent) to have something a bit different in my collection which I actually really like and will be wearing when the suns out. I also got a peachy colour (Bliss) which I think is a must have staple for spring, I already have a few lipsticks similar to this but you can never have enough! It looks as if the lip has a lip liner pot like the MUA lipsticks but they don’t, it’s a nice way of seeing the colour though! The staying power is okay considering there isn’t a huge amount of pigment in the purple and consistency is really creamy which is lovely. The reason I’m not 100% happy with this is because of the description of the product which describes it as intense and dramatic which I don’t really feel it lives up to, however it does more than you expect for the price.

4. Rose Gold Lipstick – Chauffer & Girls Best Friend – £3.00

I am in looooove with this packaging! They’re the shape of MAC lipsticks but in rose gold and they’re b.e.a.uuutiful. I got A Girls Best Friend which is a bright pink, I honestly am not sure when I’ll get to use this as it isn’t a shade I usually go for but I’m sure I’ll wear it at some point. I also got Chauffeur which is a lovely nude brown but I feel in some lights it has a pinky tint to it which I really like. The staying power is brilliant and they’re a cream to matte consistency. The other shades was out of stock at the time but I’ll be picking them up very, very soon. These lipsticks are an absolute steal. These are my personal favourites from the collection because I love the packaging, pigment, consistency and the shades. I highly recommend you get some of these babies in your lipstick stand ASAP!


On the whole, I think the MUR lipsticks are brilliant and for the price of them they’re a brilliant way to broaden your collection. Even if you buy a shade you rarely reach for, for £1-3!? You can’t go wrong!

I’d love to know if you’ve got any recommendations from their lip collection! Have a look at what else I got from MUR, linked below!

LeaLou xo

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