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Make-up Revolution Review 2 – Palettes

Ok now palettes are like my favourite thing and they was sooo cheap I couldn’t resist any of them. I originally had nine in my basket which I realised was far too ridiculous so I managed to get rid of three but I couldn’t get rid of any of these because I knew they’d be such good staples. Let me know which one is your favourite, I don’t think I can decide.IMG_6454.JPG

Fortune Favours The Brave – £9.99
I don’t need to rave about this because everyone knows how bloody beautiful it is to look at! I almost didn’t want to start using it. It’s a brilliant touch that the colours was picked by a beauty blogger. I’m looking forward to having a play with all the shades. Some so far I’ve found aren’t massively pigmented but some really are so it’s a nice mix. It’s the most expensive palette I got but it was more than justified I would have paid double that for this. I feel like there will be no end to the different looks you can create.


Ultra Base Corrector Palette – £6.00
I’ve got to test this out a bit more as I’ve only used the lavender and green shades because I haven’t found the need for the rest. There’s also a white cream highlight that I’m sceptical to try because I find they make your base patchy. However, from the one’s I have tried I’ve found it goes on the brush and applies with a complete ease, it doesn’t go dry and it blends soooo well. They do such a good job at neutralising the colours on my face. It’s definitely something I would recommend anyone to invest in, beginner or top end MUA.


Salvation Palette – Colour Chaos – £4.00
I’ve wanted to add some real colour to my collection for a while, I feel as if I didn’t have enough options for the looks I wanted. This was exactly what I was looking for! I don’t think I would have added any other colours to this, Revolution really hit the nail on the head here! There’s shimmers and mattes and they’re so incredibly pigmented I could cry with joy. It’s not something you would reach for every day, unless you’re an amazing confident person to which I take my hat off too you, but it’s so much fun to play with the bright colours. I  did a look with the palette the other day and while it was a bit much for outside in January, I absolutely loved it and will be using this palette for all those fun summer events.


All About The Bronze – £6.00
Honestly half of these shades I’m using as highlight because I think they are farrr to shimmery for a bronze up but I may change my mind in the sun however every single shade is f*****g beautiful. Any brush picks up the product so well and they do such an incredible job. I think I’ll be using this all year. Although the name is slightly misleading as the website then goes on to describe it as a contour and blush palette, definitely invest if you love a shimmer.


Highlight Palette – Radiance – £8.00
You know them highlights that make you drop your jaw in astonishment.. these three shades do just that. I love the circular design and the three different shades. It’s a hard choice to pick which one I just want to use them all. The pay off is more than you could wish for, I get so obsessed with these that I might as well just cover my face in them and call myself a shimmer stick. I do find when applied with a fan brush they need a bit of extra blending but I haven’t got a negative thing to say. THREE highlights for £8.00 can you even ask for better??


Blush – Golden Sugar – £6.00
Again, most of them I feel are better to highlight because of the amount of shimmer. I’ve been trying them as a blush but most I feel it looks as if I’ve gone a bit mad with the highlight. Regardless these are all gorgeous shades and presented so pretty. If you love a shimmer blush you’re going to want to marry this palette.

I did want to do swatches but this post is going to be long enough as it is, I’ll be using them to do some looks in future that I’ll post about so keep an eye out! It’s safe to say I’m now putty in the hands of MUR, It’s so bloody cheap which I will never stop being astonished at how they have managed such pigmented, long lasting and flawless products and keep them so affordable. I feel like it’s the type of brand that you don’t need to wait till payday to pick some bits up which is so nice.

Have you got any of these or the other palettes from MUR. What do you think of them? I would love to know.

Kisses LeaLou xo

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