Boots Haul!

Okay so, payday weekend for me means buying all the make-up I want to try out. So I went to Boots and also placed a massive order on Superdrug, but because 90% of
that was the Make Up Revolution range I am going to do a review on that later. I thought I would do a little haul for you, telling you what I brought, how much it
cost and what I think of it. Links to the product, if you want them, are the titles in bold so have a little peak yourself!

NYX Liquid Suede – Sandstorm – £6.50
I have wanted this shade for about 6/7 months and everrrrrry time I went to buy it, it was out of stock. So of course I am ecstatic about getting my hands on it. I
love the Liquid Suede collection and this colour is b.e.a.uttttiful. It has good staying power and also a generously sized product so worth the money.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – San Juan – £5.50
This is quite a small product and I have found that it wears quite quickly but not annoyingly so. I love the velvet kiss lip creams from Collection which is like an
exact dupe of this by the way! The colour is really vibrant that I love and it’s a nice size for a clutch!

This is such a brilliant way of priming your face! So much quicker and works really well. I will definitely be re-purchasing it when I have used it. I do have to say
I don’t like that it doesn’t have any instructions of how far away to spray and how many but it’s not hard to find how it works for you.
Now, if you don’t like any colour with your setting powder this is perfect. It is really dusty, is that the word? Come’s out realllly powdery so you do need to be
careful how much you use. It’s brilliant for the £3.99 but it is actually £2.99 at the moment so get your hands on it! I also picked up a new Collection Perfection
Lasting Concealer but I rave about this too much so I thought I would add it on the end here. You can pick it up for £4.19 here.
Lately I have been using a Collection eyebrow palette to fill my brows but I wanted something better to line them, please keep in mind that I hate pencils. So when
I found this I was AMAZED. I have been loving it so far and it is only £2.19 at the moment which is crazy!
I’ve seen so many bloggers and Youtuber’s recommending this product so I gave it a try and it has not disappointed. It is jet black and I love the effect it has. It is
brilliant high-street mascara and I don’t find it clumpy at all.
Sorry to end on a bad note, I nearly never included this but I wanted to give an honest review. I was really disappointed with this. I was so so looking forward
to getting it, I’d used it once and was massively unimpressed. I think the contours of it would be good for someone with really deep or small features but it didn’t
suit me. I wanted to keep it clean as it was so pretty but them stains aren’t coming out for the lord himself. Not to mention that I was cleaning it, gently, and the
tip ripped. I wanted to love this as I heard so many good things but it really just didn’t work for me.
Anyway, that’s what I picked up. Keep an eye out for my Make Up Revolution post!
Kisses, LeaLou xo


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