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What 2016 taught me..

If you would have told me a year ago what my life would be like now I never would have believed you. Common thing to say but honestly, I wouldn’t have even imagined.  In January 2016 I was preparing to have the summer of my life working in Magaluf, I was leaving my job which I started at 16 and everyone I knew. I left in April and leaving my family and friends honestly was the one of the worst heartbreaks imaginable. I met some amazing people and hang on this is where it gets mushy, I fell in love. Yep in Magaluf of all places. Two months later he left and I did the same 5 days later. I knew it was time for me. My workplace asked me back in a different position and there I was. Not long after he moved to be with me. I spent the rest of 2016 happier than I’ve ever been. I drifted from some friends in this process, purely because our lives had changed and our circles have too. 2016 gave me a lot of emotions. I lost people, I met people and I fell in love. When it was over and I reflected on my year I had no regrets. I think that’s a pretty brilliant way to look back on a year. My year taught me to follow my heart, live in the moment and most importantly always do what was right for me. The latter was what gave me the inspiration to start my blog. I wanted to do it for such a long time and I felt like maybe people would laugh at me or be negative. I learnt that if someone didn’t like what I was doing or could act that way towards me I didn’t need them in my life. I started 2016 with people I thought I couldn’t live without and I started 2017 without them. Life changes so much and I don’t think we should hold ourselves back through fear of the unexpected. I’m a true believer that everything works out how it should in the end. 2016 was a crazy brilliant rollercoaster and I think I will always look back at it as the year I grew as a person. Here’s hoping 2017 is going to be just as amazing as last year!


Kisses   LeaLou xo


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