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Beauty Hacks!

We’ve all been in a situation where we are a bit stuck for money, and the most common time for it is January. While we might have wonderful new palettes and lipsticks that we have been kindly gifted at Christmas, beauty and make-up essentials are running low and payday feels like foreverrrrr away! So here are my little hacks for when I’m in a pinch.

Setting Spray

Now, setting spray’s can be quite expensive. I wanted to try it but was sceptical, so I had a look online to see if there was a way to make your own and……. there is! And it works just the same. Have a look at the video¬†here… it is so easy. Basically just a bottle of water and some Glycerine in a spray bottle. As you can see from the photo, I made mine a little prettier with a sticky backed sheet of patterned paper. I kee the leftover mixture in a water bottle and top it up when neccessary. I made this months and months ago and I still have
loads left.

Talcum Powder

Basically THE must-have beauty back up. 2 uses I have found..
1. Setting Powder, it works really well, I put it in an empty powder pan and it’s just the same.
2. Dry Shampoo, when you’ve run out, you’ve woken up with your hair slightly greasy and haven’t got time to wash it. Put a
little of this on your roots, rub in and brush just like you would dry shampoo.


More commonly known but I had to include it. Instead of buying the stickers, a bit of tape placed along the edge of your
outer eye works exactly the same. I keep a mini roll in my make-up draws.


When your pump-out foundation starts giving you air, you usually think it’s time for a new one. STOP. Hold on, theres about
twenty more times you can use this foundation. Take the pump out, use a small eyebrush and you will be amazed how much
more is in there!

Concealer for Eye Primer

What it says on the tin really, when your eye primer runs out a little back up can be using concealer instead.

Eyeshadow is EVERYTHING

No literally, your everyday eyeshadow palette also has colours in it you can use to fill in your eyebrows or use as a
highlight. The MUA palette in the picture above is a classic example. Theres some neutral browns that work for a lot
of peoples eyebrows. Theres some lovely pale shimmer colours that are perfect for a back-up highlight.

Cheap Bronzer Duo’s = Eyeshadow

Theres some shimmery bronzer duo’s that are perfect go-to’s for a simple eyelook! I have this one from Asda, I use the
darker colour in the crease and the lighter colour on the lid. Simple, lovely and cheap!

Cheap Brush Sets

A good back-up to make sure you’ve always got an essential brush handy when the best ones are drying or dirty. Or even if
you’re building up a collection. The one’s I got are one of the first results on Ebay when searching “cheap makeup brushes”
I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something new!



LeaLou xo


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